Terms and Conditions
Terms, Conditions and limit of of liability for converting video and audio to DVD, CD Disk.
  • Please read and accept the information displayed on this page and our FAQ’s page prior to submitting your order
  • You undertake that all video tape you submit will not violate relevent child protection legislation in force within Australia
  • By submitting video tapes to us, you confirm that you that you own the copyright or have permission from the copyright owner, to to make copies of the materials, it is illegal in most cases for us to copy copyrighted materials
  • You are not entitled to any claims arising from damage or loss arising from services offered by us.
  • By submitting your video and audio media, you agree to release Belcoma Television and its employees or agents from any liabilities arising from use of the service
  • We offer no guarantee or warranties in relation to the services provided
  • Submitting your video and audio media confirms your acceptance of all our terms and conditions
  • We assume no liability caused by any loss or damage to your original materials
  • You are not entitled to any damages, includingconsequential damages arising from any of the services offered by us.
  • Prices, term and conditions may change without notice.