Video Conversion
  • Video Formats

    • VHS + SVHS
    • VHS-C
    • BetaMax
    • Video 8
    • Hi 8
    • Digital 8
    • DV + MiniDV
    • HDV
    • Betacam sp
    • Betacam SX
    • DVD + Blu-ray
    • Computer Files

We offer transfer both ways to most formats, usually to DVD and Blu-ray.
Professional Decks and the latest computer editing ensure a quality transfer or edit.

Donít risk your copy being done on a cheap copy machine.
DVD copyís come with a printed label and case of your choice. We are as versatile as possible for your production.

Standard's Conversion eg: NTSC-PAL

For quality standardís a 1-30 min limit per standard DVD is recommended, for VHS and other lower standard video this can be increased to 2 hr's or dual layer Dvd's will double this time, or multible DVDís, Blu-Ray another alternative.

All only using quality A grade Blankís.