Why Convert?

Quite Simply - Time moves on and so does Technology

The Video Recorder is obsolete these days. Now that VHS to DVD conversion is affordable and of high quality there is no reason to have those old tapes laying around. The video tape format because of its nature does have a limited lifespan, the tape oxides will deteriate with age regardless of usage. The possibility of tape damage by the video recorder's mechanical nature. Most people have had a jammed tape in a machine often resulting in a lost tape. Worse still if these tapes are carrying your priceless home videos.

With the advances in Technology of todayís computers and professional hardware we can copy or convert most formats up to the highest superior digital levels , without loss of quality and have the ability to edit and author as well. We can deal with VHS, Beta, most Handicam tape and disc, computer files and Pro. formats.

As with Video, the same principleís apply to AUDIO.
Those favourite old Records you have are also suffering the effects of time, once again they can be converted to more modern formats like CDís.

Again technology steps in and conversions are possible and with the use of computer software, We can often make the sound better by applying various filters to reduce the cracks and hiss present on the record. Records, Audio cassettes, Reel to reel tape, Dat tape and computer formats we can convert them.

8mm film is also in the same category, probably even worse due to its age .